Life Focus: Aging Well

Life Focus_ Aging Well

Scientists have come to the conclusion that older people have more reasons to be happy. Hearing the good things about old age is almost nonsense. Everyone is afraid of aging, trying not to think about it, so as not to get depressed. But is that right? Aging is a natural and inevitable process, why aren’t we ready to accept the course of life as it is? Today we will tell you how one can be happy with old age.

5 ways of being happy and healthy at an old age

Love yourself, you are smart and wise

Doctors indicate that the physiological aging of the body begins after 35 years, while much depends on the person’s lifestyle. And old age in its common sense begins only when a person begins to feel old. Old age may come at 30, and may not come at 70. The feeling of inner age directly depends on the character: optimists remain young souls longer. The most difficult moment is being able to love yourself the way you are, on any stretch of life. If a person engages in self-denial the soul quickly gets old. According to experts, if a person feels strong and young, then everyone around will see it.

Fear of aging is a derivative of the fear of loneliness, death and disease. It is taken from illustrative examples of lonely old age. Therefore, even 30-year-olds are sure that old age is terrible. However, the psychologist is in a hurry to draw attention to the fact that we are not following those examples! Examples of miserable old age should not be the only way forward. It is not necessary that in old age you will be alone and sick. Look carefully around you and see a lot of energetic old women who raise grandchildren, go to the pool, live a full life and even start novels. We assure you, they are no less happy than young people. Or try to remember your childhood. At the age of seven, it seemed to you that thirty was already a very old age. But when you did live up to such “advanced” years, it turned out that you are still young.

Based on physiology, the natural aging process is accompanied by changes in the brain: people become vulnerable and touchy, depressed. The reason for this is a slowdown in metabolic processes and a lower production of hormones responsible for mood. People begin to move less, lose interest in new things, new films, talking with friends. And if you look from the other side?

Objectively, the elderly have fewer reasons to be unhappy. With retirement, the criticality of others decreases, the elderly do not need to notice all their shortcomings, to adapt to others. Pensioners have more time to contemplate, unlike working people who are always running somewhere. Ask yourself, when was the last time you looked at leaves on trees, felt feet stepping on the ground, inhaling the smell of fresh apples?

Learn to entertain yourself

For some reason, it is sometimes common to exclude the elderly from the life of society, and they sometimes prefer to shut themselves out in their small world. Fortunately, many older people are fully realized, they have a business, entertainment. They travel around the world and are the first to visit premieres and restaurants.

Do you need to think about old age at a young age? Should you spoil your mood? Psychologists believe that now we have time to prepare ourselves for this period, to create a positive image of old age. The transition to retirement should be something like this: “It’s so good that now I have a lot of time to do what I love!” Some women over 70 are engaged in the distribution of cosmetics, they know everything about cosmetics, constantly communicate with people and have a good income. They are passionate about attending training and talking with clients! How could they devote time to this if they worked?

Approaching old age also means limiting the circle of friends, retirement is associated with removal from work, from matured children. Some voids are formed in life inevitably, and they need to be effectively filled. And you need to think about how to do this as soon as possible.

Women and men at old age may a 1000$ payday loan to realize their dreams, maybe they strive to flow the balloon over the sea or buy a used car and travel nationwide. The age should not limit the lives of elderly. They may be sure they will be approved for such a payday loan to make their dreams come true.

For example, according to psychologists, women at any age can go dancing, practice yoga, physiotherapy, and sing. Men can effectively engage in sports, write books, go fishing and hunting with friends. Each activity is going out and communicating with friends. People should not be isolated, they must lead a more active lifestyle in retirement because they have so much time that they can spend on themselves!

Some people mistakenly believe that the voids will be filled by children and grandchildren. We have a strange way to believe that we are raising children so that they serve us in old age. People really give birth to children to avoid loneliness in old age, completely forgetting that their children have their own lives. A person should prepare himself/herself for old age so that he/she was not bored and alone. To prevent loneliness, you must immediately set the right goals in life. And learn to entertain yourself!

Learn to handle a midlife crisis

Sometimes, older people admit that they have enough communication with friends, family, neighbors. But many are deprived of this either. Lonely elderly men are particularly pitiful: they are often completely inconsistent in everyday life, and interest in life is lost. According to psychologists, the loneliness of men in many cases is due to the middle-aged crisis which overtakes men after 40 years of age. The middle-age crisis is the first bell of fear of old age, a defensive reaction to the realization that youth is behind but not everything was achieved. 40-year-old men are trying to “look well” in the eyes of younger women. But life with a young wife does not last long, the ardor leaves, the man no longer feels the strength and enthusiasm to have fun on a par with his new wife. Once again, he wants a quiet life, but what are the chances that his former wife will forgive him?

According to the psychologist, women may also encounter a midlife crisis, but ladies experience it a little easier, adapting to what is happening. Women are afraid of old age, but they do not show it so clearly. At 50, a lady really wants to look good and attract attention. But what will you do if a middle-aged lady looks at you in the mirror and you are 20 in your heart? Loving your age is a talent. It’s important not to give up on yourself because wilting is not a shameful act, it is experience and wisdom. An aged person must learn to look not as a defect but as an achievement. You have achieved this, which means you have become wiser. if you are worried about the attention of the opposite sex, there is one rule for all ages: treat yourself as a young, strong and attractive person – and others will treat you the same way.

Make long-term plans and in 80!

You can notice that there are three age indicators: biological, psychological and social. A social one is completely determined by the legislation of the country, biological is determined by the passport, but psychological depends on you. So is it normal to feel older or younger than your real age? According to psychologists, it’s very bad when people age with their soul as if they feel themselves under the weight of a terrible load. Sometimes such a load “hangs” even on young children who reason and behave like old people. How good is this? Specialized opinion: psychological age should be less than biological. After all, this means that your soul is not aging, which is the most important thing.

According to psychologists, the feeling of inner age can change every day, it sometimes depends even on the weather! But there is a certain set of traits that serve as defining. Young souls are optimistic and sociable, they like to travel, go to theaters, visit friends, look for something that pleases them, make long-term plans. This helps them move forward and see their life in a bright color.

Those who do not make plans grow old psychologically faster. And they are often lonely. For some reason, the old people put an end to themselves, try not to look to the future, believing that all the best is already behind. How to live with such thoughts? You should set goals and achieve them both at 60 and at 80. Then you will have something to strive for and the above-mentioned void will be filled.

Teach the body to relax and stay awake

It is important to prepare the body for old age physically. It’s not a secret for anyone that a little is needed for this: to lead a correct lifestyle, to observe the regimen, in particular, go to bed and get up on time. This will help to maintain a charge of vivacity, memory and thinking. This way you will not have insomnia, which older people often complain of. Teach your body to produce sleep hormones, keep this habit.

A healthy old person must develop and be active. Old age should become one of the stages in the realization of human aspirations. To do this, you must monitor the health from a young age. Meanwhile, it is not customary for us to go to doctors, to pay due attention to prevention. You need to love yourself, your children and not to be a burden for them in old age. As soon as a health problem arises, you cannot delay it.

If you want to have more joy in old age, you must do everything on time. Physical preservation will help to preserve the human cognitive functions, and hence – interest in life.