My dad is seriously ill and needs constant care and monitoring 24 hours a day… Unfortunately, we can’t always take care of relatives on our own and therefore we decided to seek help at a nursing home. For several years now, I am completely calm for the life and health of my dad. The staff monitors not only the state of his health but also the cleanliness and nutrition of patients. All rooms are equipped with specialized furniture. There is a well-groomed area around the home, where you can always take a walk. I am completely satisfied with the work of the staff!


My grandmother is 87 years old, she has been living in a nursing home since May 2017. I like the attitude of the staff, good care. The food is fine. We thank the employees of the nursing home for their good attitude to their necessary work.


If you have old parents or relatives who need constant care, and you are constantly at work and cannot be with them – you can use the services of a nursing home. Here they are surrounded by attention, kindness, affection. They will be warm, clean, and fed. The nursing home is always clean, comfortable, no smell. I am very grateful to the entire team for their hard work, patience, kindness, affection.


My mother has been living in a nursing home since 2018. She mover there after a stroke. During her stay in a nursing home, her condition improved. The rooms have special beds with anti-decubitus mattresses. The staff is caring and friendly. All elderly people look well-groomed, the rooms are clean, food is tasty. I am very grateful to the personnel!


My mom is a resident of a nursing home. I appreciate the care, which surrounds not only my mother but also other people in the home. When I visit her, I see that mom enjoys being there: she looks great, trimmed, combed, and always in a good mood. She is pleased that she found new friends and she is never bored. Many thanks to the management and staff for their open hearts, kind souls, and also for the clarity and pedantry with which they work for 24 hours a day!


Many thanks to all the staff of nursing homes for their hard and noble work. This year, my 91-year-old mother suffered a stroke. Now her entire left side is paralyzed. The staff of the nursing home came to help in the care of my mom. They brought her from the hospital with a cough and inflammation. Professional and sensitive care in the nursing home helped my mother cope with pneumonia. On any day of the visit, mom is always well-groomed, washed, combed, wearing fresh clothes. The room is cozy, bright, spacious. Beds in a nursing home are specially designed for bedridden patients, equipped with special lifting mechanisms for the ability to change the position of patients. The beds have anti-decubitus mattresses. There are also special tables for feeding the bedridden. I am very grateful to the staff!


My mother has been living in a nursing home for 5 months, she is very happy with the service and attitude of the staff.


I’ve read nursing home reviews for a very long time and chose the place for my grandmother. We have a really difficult situation, my grandmother underwent two operations and she needs special care since she has dementia. When we visit her, she always says that the nurses here are very caring) Such homes help people in very difficult situations, and this help is simply invaluable.


I want to express my deep gratitude to all the employees of the nursing home. My mother is in a resident of the home. Their work is a huge help for those who work and cannot devote sufficient time to care.



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